Why Choose Us

Why Choose United Fitness Marketing For Your Health Club’s Advertising?

“Seeing that kind of volume at my club was exciting. I certainly had my doubts, but after the first two weeks… I was sold. We are looking forward to our next campaign with United Fitness Marketing.” – J.C., one of our happy clients.

We’re your end-to-end marketing company, dedicated to serving your advertising and public relations needs while helping you achieve your accounts receivable goals. Our approach is holistic. We view our initial ad campaign to be only the beginning of a long and mutually beneficial business relationship. Much like you, we are driven by passion and a sincere desire to help people. And we assume all the risk. You pay nothing upfront. We succeed when you succeed. Read more about Our Difference. Our advertising campaigns begin with extensive research. We recognize that every club and every market is different. We provide custom marketing and sales solutions tailored to fit each unique, individual marketplace.

“The promotion produced nearly double the first projections we discussed. It was well run and put a squeeze on the competition. We are very satisfied and will be using United Fitness Marketing again next year.” -Tammy P.

No wonder so many clients return to us year after year. They like our accountability, our hard work, our ethics, our professionalism, and our results.

We are fully aware of the new competition sprouting up from private equity and franchised dollars. And we know what it’s like to operate independently without the large networks franchised gyms have access to. Let’s just say we are here to help you level the playing field with proven health club marketing strategies. May we ask:

Are you tired of slow fitness sales?

Do you feel like your fitness business is scraping by? 

Are your competitors causing member retention issues?

Our services are your best solution. UFM’s health club marketing campaigns can add hundreds of members and thousands of dollars in additional monthly revenue.  Whether you recently acquired your gym, plan to open a new gym, have owned it for years, or are interested in selling your club…we can help you acquire 100 to 500 new long-term quality members in 4 to 8 weeks. Look for marketing ideas and strategies on our blog and complete our free market analysis to get started today.