Health Club Promotions

United Fitness Marketing is here to grow your revenues, increase your membership base and help take your gym or health club to the next level with our powerful health club  promotions!

In just six to eight weeks, we can help your club acquire 100 to 600 new membersfrom a hard-to-reach segment of your market.  Since 2001 we have been partnering with health clubs across the United States to help increase sales and add new members through high volume promotional campaigns.  We work with our clubs on-site, hand-in-hand, from initial setup and implementation to close-out and on-going support.

Along the way, we’ll reveal the inside marketing techniques we’ve developed over the last eighteen years. We are currently accepting a limited number of new clients. Browse this website to find out more. But first:  a little more about our campaigns  — and what sets us apart from promotion companies of the past.

The Campaign

United Fitness Marketing’s health club promotion is executed on-site by one of our highly experienced and qualified marketing directors. The campaign itself is designed to uncover hidden member opportunities within your community by targeting a deconditioned segment of your market.

We create new foot traffic by hitting your market from multiple angles with targeted combinations of our signature air raid direct mail campaigns, eye-grabbing digital marketing campaigns, and our smart-use of old-school print and media advertising mediums .  When it’s all said and done, your competition will be left reeling.

We strive to convert every prospect within a 7 mile radius that has ever remotely considered joining a gym into paying members at your facility.  We possess the knowhow and expertise to accomplish this tastefully with intelligence, not strong arm sales tactics.  Our goal is to keep your reputation intact while giving you a quick boost to your sales and long term receivables.  For qualified health clubs, we offer our services with no startup costs or out of pocket expenses while working off a commissioned basis.

How is United Fitness Marketing different from other companies?

Quality Member Acquisition:  Our fitness center promotion is centered on getting you the most quality paying members in the shortest period of time.  These are all new long-term EFT members. The term “payment book” isn’t in our vocabulary.  What’s the point of signing someone up for two years who ends up paying for only two months (especially if you’re paying your  staff to train them.)  As you may already know, payment booklet members stay current for on average of 3.7 months.  Most gym promotion companies are focused on gross sales volume and sign up prospects who are unlikely to fulfill their obligations.  We take a long-term and more well thought out approach.

No Bait and Switching:  We noted a trend. Some of our competitors promise no price discounts and some even claim they can raise prices. But common sense will tell you something doesn’t add up here. Very few people in your community will respond to a health club promotion that advertises your regular prices.  What’s the point of running a special if there’s nothing special about it?  Competition has made communities wise to health club pricing and the sales process.  Some promoters use bait and switch advertising to gain more health club clients.  But we have concluded that the impact of bait and switch tactics on a club’s reputation is not worth whatever small revenue increases these campaigns may or may not produce.  A membership campaign has to make sense to the community in order for your health club to thrive long term.  We understand you have a reputation to uphold. Keeping your health club’s positive community image is our top priority.  To be completely blunt: members who come to feel they were duped often stop paying and fall off into collections. So why waste their time and yours.  We use a  unique price point campaign that makes sense to your community and leaves your club with its reputation intact.

Cost Controls:  We send one well seasoned highly motivated marketing director to manage the campaign at your facility.  We feel that in this day and age, sending or hiring a team of sales personnel is unnecessary and only works to drive up the overhead costs of the campaign.  Again, our focus is on delivering a smart campaign with good ROI that delivers a substantial revenue increase to your bottom line.  We are professionals and our consultants are well qualified to manage the campaign on their own.  An assistant is rarely needed.  We are not in your town to have a good time but are there to handle business and deliver our standard of service our clients have come to expect.

News Flash: Direct Mail Postcards don’t really cost 38 – 43 cents per piece especially given the large scale volume promotion companies operate at.  At United Fitness Marketing we do NOT use our direct mail pieces as a source of revenue.  You pay what we pay and it saves each campaign thousands.  We believe the cash is better deployed in your pocket or on other forms of advertising.

Low Bad Debt Ratio: Collect more receivables and avoid  more of the bad debt through our unique structured member payment system.  This is our claim to fame and your club will collect most of the 2 year receivables in an upfront manner within a short period of time.  Our bad debt only runs 17% – 19% on 2 year contracts.  Not too shabby considering these are promotional memberships and the national average is around 25%.

Ask Yourself the following Questions to Determine if Our Fitness Center Promotion is a good fit for your club …

 Do you want to generate an additional revenue of $50,000 to $150,000?

Do you want a no risk gym promotion?

Would you like to increase your monthly EFT Revenues by $3,000 to $15,000?

Does increasing your current membership by 100 – 600 members interest you?

Would you like to dominate your competition?

Would you like to be a part of a campaign that focuses on cost controls?

If your answer is yes fill our free market analysis or call to schedule a consultation. If no–enjoy our free blog or like us on Facebook.  We enjoy sharing helpful promotion ideas, strategies and important industry news.  When your ready…simply give us a call.