Club Consulting

Club Consulting

When it comes to health club consulting, one size doesn’t fit all. Each individual market is unique. That’s why you need a consultant who understands current trends in the health club industry. And how to act on them. And how to work with you. Our approach combines expertise, collaboration and something that is rare and truly special: humility. That’s why we get always get great results.
But why hire an outside marketing firm?

The answer is simple. It’s easy for you to get stuck in the rut of running your day-to-day operations. You can get trapped into relying on the marketing strategies that worked well in the past. Think Ground Hog Day.

But direct response marketing must be constantly tweaked and the message refreshed. The same offer written in the same format in the same venues will lose its effectiveness rather quickly. Sometimes it’s best to get a fresh perspective to breathe new life into your marketing mindset.

Bouncing new ideas around with a consultant often unleashes your creative thinking. We will work with you to consider marketing techniques you might not have otherwise.

But not all consultants are alike.
Working with our clients on-site and in their day-to-day operations for long periods of time has helped United Fitness stay ahead of the curve. We’ve evolved and improved our strategies over the last 14 years. Our greatest asset is our clients. Truth be told, we learn just as much from them, as they do from us.

We are consultants on the front lines. Our perspective gives us unique, birds-eye insights about marketing trends and operations. While attending industry conventions can be very useful, we’ve found there is no better training than actually rolling up our sleeves and digging in by being in the trenches at a club.

Our relationship with our clients is a true collaboration. We have the privilege of monitoring marketing trends region by region, state to state, while managing our campaigns on-location. There is simply no other company that has more real-time data on health club marketing operations and trends. We often introduce new management and marketing concepts working well in one region to clubs located in other regions.

We build the membership base of our clients, quickly and efficiently. And our clients reciprocate by helping us improve our own business. They teach us what’s really taking place in their markets: what they’ve tried, what’s working, what’s not. We’re proud of ongoing relationships with clients, which have helped us grow into a better company. We appreciate that some consultants can come off as being arrogant ”know it alls.” That’s not our way. We recognize that our industry is rapidly evolving and humbly admit that no consultant can ever know enough. We believe in brainstorming with our clients to come out with outside of the box strategies. We strive to create mutually beneficial business relationships.

After all, every club is different.
We understand that “one size fits all” marketing plans have never worked case in our industry. Each individual market has its own dynamics and competition. And each club has its own value proposition. That’s why the cookie cutter approach doesn’t work in marketing. You need a company that understands this essential truth. You need a company that works with you to devise a marketing plan. You need a company that not only get results, but portrays your club to your community as the go-to club for your unique value proposition.

A proper market analysis is imperative to properly execute a membership campaign.

Not every marketing technique will be effective in your community. We talk to club owners all the time and we’re tired of hearing their stories about wasting thousands of dollars on ineffective direct mail campaigns…or Groupon campaigns that left them with only 25 cents on the dollar.

You need a competent partner who gives you a thorough assessment on your market, who works off a reasonable percentage split, and who isn’t just commissioned to sell you direct mail.

Our preferred postcard costs just 22.9 cents a piece (including postage, printing, addressing, list and card stock.) That’s our price and it’s our clients’ price. Our business model is designed so that we share the risk by advancing all advertising costs. We won’t waste your time coming out to your location if we feel the campaign won’t be successful. We are not commissioned to sell you products, but share in the profits from results we achieve.

Your club deserves an effective membership campaign that produces results while capturing a good return on investment. That’s exactly what we deliver for our clients. No wonder so many return to us year after year.

Call us today for a free consultation at 256-652-4423 . Or complete our Contact Form for a no obligation consult. We look forward to earning your business.