With the emergence of Planet Fitness and of other low cost fitness providers, servicing and winning over your members is more important than ever. Today we are going to discuss the use of complimentary personal training programs for new members.

Over the years, we have seen many different levels of service health clubs provide for their new members.  When a new prospect signs up at your club, the first two weeks are the most crucial.  This is where you will either win or lose their renewal.

You want each new member to feel like part of your health club family.  Offering them some complimentary training sessions is the best way to win them over.   We could go over the low end of the spectrum but I’d thought we would get down to brass tacks and show you the right method.   

Each new long term contracted member should receive three personal training sessions.  These aren’t the “oh let’s just walk you through the circuit training equipment” sessions but personalized programs based on their needs.  

Each new member should be weighed in, have a proper body fat assessment, be offered a diet, and be assessed for any medical conditions that might limit their abilities.  It’s important you document and archive this information as it shows you care and sets you apart from your competition.  

From there they need to be hand-walked through the program with a personal trainer.  Now if your trainers are worth their salt,  this is where they utilize their sales skills to tactfully convert the new members into paying clients. 

It’s important the attempted sale be done tactfully and not right out of the gate.  The idea of becoming a paid personal training client should be mentioned during the training, but not too aggressively.  The trainer should get to know them so they can tailor their final sales pitch at the end of the third training session.  What better way to size someone up for a sale than spending three hours one-on –one with them?

In closing,  whether you were able to convert them to personal training clients isn’t the most important thing.  It’s having those people tell their friends about the level of service they received that’s priceless.  It will set your gym apart from the competition and spruce up your positive community image.

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