Gym Suppliers

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Purchasing Gym Equipment From Chinese Resellers


Here’s a quick overview of how to find international gym suppliers: you can get gym suppliers from online trade events, advertisements, and free online research. Step one: China is a huge country with many trade events held internationally. Trade shows are obviously one of your best options to locate gym suppliers in China. There are two ways to attend trade shows in China.

The first method involves traveling to China and making business deals with Chinese business brokers or representatives. The second method involves building a good relationship with Chinese distributors. It is imperative that you build a high quality relationship with your Chinese distributor as if you have a bad relationship with them they might not deliver on time and/or improperly use the gym equipment you purchase. I believe a good business relationship should be built before you start a relationship with any Chinese gym suppliers – this is generally the case with high quality distributors.

So, I would recommend that if you are looking to purchase gym equipment in China that you do so via a distributor that you have formed a relationship with. If you are doing so via the internet it might be possible to find many gym suppliers that fit your criteria using a Google search. Many Chinese distributors are legitimate and some are scams. My experience with buying international gym equipment through the internet is that there are far more scams than legitimate distributors – especially in China.