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Gym phone managementIf a picture says a thousand words then I don’t need to elaborate on the topic of this article.  Nuff said.. But after 14 years in the field If I  had a dollar for every time I see club staff lose potential members due to poor phone line management…I’d be wealthy.

First, let’s address who should be answering the phones and just to be clear… NOT YOUR SALES REPRESENTATIVES.

The receptionist should always answer your phone lines. It’s imperative he or she be general as possible with membership pricing.  Obviously this is impossible if you have your sales personnel fielding the calls.

The employee answering the phone needs only vague knowledge of your membership specials and pricing.  You want them to be very pleasant and inviting without giving the prospect a reason not to join.

Understand that when a potential prospect inquires about a membership they are instinctively looking for a reason not to join.

How long is the contract?  Is it paid up-front?  How much is the monthly option?

If your sales representative provides any answers that give the prospect pause, you give them their reason not to join.  The phone call is over and the sale is lost forever.

The receptionist’s job is to book appointments for the sales personnel only!  Presentation of membership options must occur at the club.  The prospect must see the facility in order to fully appreciated your clubs unique value proposition.  If you run a top notch operation, the contract and price will matter less and meeting their needs will matter more.

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