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Why Deceptive Gym Advertising Hurts Everyone and Risks More Regulations

As a gym advertising and marketing veteran who prides himself on building long term relationships based on ethical business practices, I have some core beliefs. Here’s the main one: there are certain lines you just don’t cross. Misleading prospects is the ultimate no-no. Sensible people in the industry abandoned deceptive practices years ago.   That’s […]

Why Timing is Everything: Direct Response Marketing vs. Brand Investment

“Timing is everything,” runs the old saying. And truer words were never spoken when it comes to important decisions about gym and health club marketing. It’s all a matter of striking the correct balance between the short-term benefits of a direct response marketing and long-term brand building. When building a health club brand, direct response […]

Has your Health Club Given back to the Community?

How to organize a charitable 5k walk/run for your health club.   Part of creating a strong health club presence in your community is your willingness to step up to the plate in the name of a good cause.  Sponsorship of charitable events should play a key role in your health clubs marketing. Not only […]