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Proper health club operations management takes more than just a teenager with a mop bucket. Learn the ins-and-outs with these helpful blog tips.

Lessons From CrossFit For “Mom and Pop” Health Clubs

It all boils down to one word: community. Let me explain. Love it or hate it, there is no denying the tremendous impact CrossFit has had on the fitness industry in the last few years.  So this is not going to be yet another CrossFit-bashing blog post. I will have nothing to say about allegations […]

How New Gym Owners Can Avoid Rookie Mistakes

So you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and open your own gym, health club, or studio. Congratulations! But beware. Success will require more than just your love of fitness and your desire to help people. As a leading gym membership consultant, I’m often been called in to boost sales. But sometimes the call comes […]

The NO BS Way To Run A Great Gym

Note from Mike Frawley, President of United Fitness Marketing: The following guest post is from Mike “The Machine” Bruce, Strongman competitor, gym owner, former Marine and all around man of integrity. Running a successful gym is all about exceeding expectations — going above and beyond what others offer to create something truly special. First and […]

High Pressure Sales Tactics Don’t Work

It’s time for the health club industry to start a 12 step program in 2014 to drop some bad habits. You want to know why $10 a month, low-cost, so called “no commitment” gyms have an edge?  They don’t pressure people.  And their price point requires few sales skills. Private equity funders for this dubious business model may […]

Health Club Complimentary Personal Training Programs

With the emergence of Planet Fitness and of other low cost fitness providers, servicing and winning over your members is more important than ever. Today we are going to discuss the use of complimentary personal training programs for new members. Over the years, we have seen many different levels of service health clubs provide for […]

Health Club Member Referral Programs

Are your members referring friends? If your answer is “no” my question to you is:  what’s the incentive? It’s time for your health club to implement a member referral program. Any gym will get a few new members per week from member referrals. But if you could increase that to 10 – 20 per week […]