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The NO BS Way To Run A Great Gym

Note from Mike Frawley, President of United Fitness Marketing: The following guest post is from Mike “The Machine” Bruce, Strongman competitor, gym owner, former Marine and all around man of integrity. Running a successful gym is all about exceeding expectations — going above and beyond what others offer to create something truly special. First and […]

Why Deceptive Gym Advertising Hurts Everyone and Risks More Regulations

As a gym advertising and marketing veteran who prides himself on building long term relationships based on ethical business practices, I have some core beliefs. Here’s the main one: there are certain lines you just don’t cross. Misleading prospects is the ultimate no-no. Sensible people in the industry abandoned deceptive practices years ago.   That’s […]

High Pressure Sales Tactics Don’t Work

It’s time for the health club industry to start a 12 step program in 2014 to drop some bad habits. You want to know why $10 a month, low-cost, so called “no commitment” gyms have an edge?  They don’t pressure people.  And their price point requires few sales skills. Private equity funders for this dubious business model may […]