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Trick or Treat For Gym Membership Sales Prospects

Just in time for Halloween:  Here’s a fun but evil sales idea that can break the ice, get a laugh and help close the sale. It all begins with slow day at the gym.    You’re feeling a little restless and feisty. There is little traffic. And then it happens.  In walks an out-of-shape couple […]

Health Club Member Referral Programs

Are your members referring friends? If your answer is “no” my question to you is:  what’s the incentive? It’s time for your health club to implement a member referral program. Any gym will get a few new members per week from member referrals. But if you could increase that to 10 – 20 per week […]

How to Sell and Close Gym Memberships

Gym owners tell us this is one of the most useful things we’ve ever written. It’s our step-by-step guide to selling more memberships. Free of charge…so enjoy the ride! Selling and Closing a gym membership sale isn’t as easy as it used to be.  These days you must be equipped with the proper knowledge and temperament […]