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The Surprising New Revenue Stream You REALLY Need: Online Programming

From where I stand as a membership marketing consultant, mostly to “Ma and Pa” gyms, many facility owners are making a big mistake: trying to beat the “big boys” at the their own game. They are offering the same deep discounts, but don’t have the big marketing budgets to compete effectively. The idea is to get […]

Lessons From CrossFit For “Mom and Pop” Health Clubs

It all boils down to one word: community. Let me explain. Love it or hate it, there is no denying the tremendous impact CrossFit has had on the fitness industry in the last few years.  So this is not going to be yet another CrossFit-bashing blog post. I will have nothing to say about allegations […]

Time To Say Goodbye To Tanning

Call it a reality check. Call it tough love. Call it anything you like. But hear me loud and clear, because I’m about to say something no one else will: It’s time for health clubs to distance themselves from the tanning industry. If tanning is part of your business, now is the time to come […]