Health Club Member Referral Programs

Are your members referring friends? If your answer is “no” my question to you is:  what’s the incentive? It’s time for your health club to implement a member referral program. Any gym will get a few new members per week from member referrals. But if you could increase that to 10 – 20 per week […]

How to Sell and Close Gym Memberships

    Gym owners tell us this is one of the most useful article we’ve ever written.  This step-by-step guide is one of the most important articles we’ve ever published on selling and closing membership sales at gyms, health clubs and fitness centers. We reveal how to ask three key questions to overcome objections and seal the […]

Has your Health Club Given back to the Community?

How to organize a charitable 5k walk/run for your health club.   Part of creating a strong health club presence in your community is your willingness to step up to the plate in the name of a good cause.  Sponsorship of charitable events should play a key role in your health clubs marketing. Not only […]

How to Market a Health Club Brand 101.

First off is creating your brand.  Catchy logos and slogans really work.  Now a days consumers are bombarded with advertisements and specials on a daily basis.  You need a logo and slogan to make you stand out in the crowd.  If you’re not the most creative type I would recommend consulting with a reputable marketing […]

Health Club Phone Line Management

  If a picture says a thousand words then I don’t need to elaborate on the topic of this article.  Nuff said.. But after 14 years in the field If I  had a dollar for every time I see club staff lose potential members due to poor phone line management…I’d be wealthy. First, let’s address who should be […]