High Pressure Sales Tactics Don’t Work

It’s time for the health club industry to start a 12 step program in 2014 to drop some bad habits. You want to know why $10 a month, low-cost, so called “no commitment” gyms have an edge?  They don’t pressure people.  And their price point requires few sales skills. Private equity funders for this dubious business model may […]

No Health Club Membership Sales Prospect Should Walk

Call it the story of health club membership sales gone wrong. And I saw it with my own eyes. It’s the story of how a prospect walked out without buying anything. And it was all so needless. The story begins with me relaxing after my workout today. I was enjoying a shake at the counter […]

Why Timing is Everything: Direct Response Marketing vs. Brand Investment

“Timing is everything,” runs the old saying. And truer words were never spoken when it comes to important decisions about gym and health club marketing. It’s all a matter of striking the correct balance between the short-term benefits of a direct response marketing and long-term brand building. When building a health club brand, direct response […]

Health Club Complimentary Personal Training Programs

With the emergence of Planet Fitness and of other low cost fitness providers, servicing and winning over your members is more important than ever. Today we are going to discuss the use of complimentary personal training programs for new members. Over the years, we have seen many different levels of service health clubs provide for […]

Health Club & Fitness Center Direct Mail with Postcards

How to best use direct mail is one of our areas of expertise. And the topic seems equally popular with readers. We’ve been getting a ton of hits and feedback on our new health club promotions page regarding direct mail pricing. So we thought we would go into more detail on the subject. First and […]

Trick or Treat For Gym Membership Sales Prospects

Just in time for Halloween:  Here’s a fun but evil sales idea that can break the ice, get a laugh and help close the sale. It all begins with slow day at the gym.    You’re feeling a little restless and feisty. There is little traffic. And then it happens.  In walks an out-of-shape couple […]