Get More Gym Members Fast With No Upfront Cost!

Why Choose Us For Your Gym or Fitness Center?

Health club marketing in today’s hyper-competitive fitness industry takes more than just a “throw money at it and hope for the best” approach.  It requires a competent partner who understands current trends and competition.  It requires a trusted firm with extensive industry-specific expertise to help navigate you through the rapidly evolving health club business.  

Welcome to United Fitness Marketing.  We understand that most club owners don’t have the time or money to horse around with ineffective advertising campaigns.   Our fitness marketing services will build your membership base and increase your EFT revenues–guaranteed. Consider this website your first and final destination for getting new, high-quality, long-term members.

It’s No Secret. GYM MARKETING IS TOUGH!  We Streamline the Process By:

  1. 1Eliminating the expensive trial and error guesswork that’s so common when marketing a club.
  2. 2Tapping into a hard-to-reach segment of your market with proven sales and marketing techniques.
  3. 3Adding 100 - 600 new members with our outside-the-box marketing campaigns that actually work.


United Fitness Marketing Company is here to help your gym, health club or fitness center realize its full potential. Our specialty is assisting “Ma and Pa” operations. Over the last fourteen years we have formed hundreds of enduring partnerships with family-owned fitness clubs throughout the United States. The result? Lasting success. Read More >>